Friday, October 5, 2012

Ms. Arabella Tries to Get a Husband

There once was a lady named Ms. Arabella
A kindly young auntie with money to spare
Lonely and sad, she wanted a fella
(Her husband had died when he fell down the stair.)

With hair like the sunshine and eyes like the sea
It shouldn't be tricky to find a new man
But she had some trouble with singing in key
In fact, she quite sounded like banging of pans

In came a man who was rich and of fame
He was handsome all over, from head to his shoes
Henry McRoberts, he said, was his name
But when she started singing he blew up like a fuse

Poor Arabella! Will she ever wed?
Or will she live in a house all alone?
She married her butler in a dress colored red
And in California they made a new home