Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Cat Hugo

If you ever met Hugo I think you would like him. He's very fluffy and he's a Mane Coon (a Mane Coon is a kind of cat). Hugo is orange and white (not to mention his feet are black from walking in the flower bed) and is very cute...but he's not a girl. He's very big, very heavy, and also very fat. Hugo wants to go in the attic even though he doesn't know that there's rat poison in there. He purrs very loudly and when he's really happy he gets in weird positions on the bed.

Hugo is crazy about birds, but he's too chicken to get a bug. His most favorite things to eat are tuna, chicken, and cat food. Every time my mom goes up the stairs Hugo races her. He was born in Mexico and we got him for an early Christmas present. Now, since he's gotten used to us, he runs away from my little sister Audrey, who is four years old. Hugo knows why to run away from her: because she clipped off his whiskers and she shut the door on his tail. Don't worry, he's a nice cat. But beware if you are like my sister.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mary's Birthday Party

Mary's birthday party was really fun !!!!!!!!!!

I hid in the curtains when Mary's friend Caroline went down the hallway, and when she got near the curtains I jumped out of the curtains and said "BOO!" It was soooooo funny! Then when Mr. Chris came home, Mrs. Laura brought out the cake and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Mary. The cake was carrot cake but I don't remember what the frosting flavor was. Some of the presents were funny and cute. Mary got a sleep mask that had big eyes on it and she looked like a monkey when she put it on.

Then when it got dark we played an American Girl game. Right when I was about to go to bed, we played Killer in the Dark. The next morning, we went to the store right across the train tracks and Mary spent her birthday money on us so we could get a snack. When we got back, Mary's friend Carly was there. Then Mary's mom and dad drove us to Trivia Night and we watched The Secret of Nimh. I can't wait 'till the next birthday party!