Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family Traditions

Write about Hinton Family Traditions. You may write about one, or more than one. Please remember to use paragraphs if needed.

On December 24th our family goes Christmas caroling after dinner. We go to our friend's houses (if they are there) at night and sing one Christmas song. After that we give them a treat that we made earlier in the day and sing one more carol that they pick. After we sing to everyone we go home, and if there are some treats left we get to eat them. When we kids go to bed our mom and dad wraps our Christmas presents and places them under the tree for the next day.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cause and Effect

Write a cause and effect paragraph (or two or three...long enough to develop your idea). Start with an improbable statement of cause and effect, and use your paragraph to connect the dots. This should be humorous.

Did you know that beautiful springtime flowers can relate to an embarrassing water spewing episode? It happens because of cause and effect. Let me explain...

Flowers in the spring that just bloomed can spread a lot of pollen. Some people have allergies to pollen, making their eyes itchy and their noses stuffy. It happens with kids too. Let's say one girl has allergies and she wants to take pills instead of syrup because she is ten years old. She buys some pills at the drug store and takes them home. That night, before bedtime, she tries to swallow her first pill with some water. She gets too much water in her mouth, then drops the pill into her mouth. She tries to swallow but she spews water on the kitchen floor instead.

And that is how a flower can cause a mess on your floor.

Picture Prompt

Assignment: Find a picture in a book. Write a story about the picture.

 A dragon was soaring over the ocean, looking for fish to eat. The dragon soon found a school of tuna and dived into the water, feasting on it like a king. But the dragon wasn't the only one who wanted fish. A giant shark appeared and tried to eat all the tuna before the dragon did. The dragon was infuriated and attacked the shark, trying to kill it! The shark struck back with his tail but missed the agile dragon. The two beasts clawed and bit and wrestled in the water until the shark pushed the dragon down to the ocean floor. The dragon wrestled and fought but it was no use and the dragon drowned. The shark swam away and left the dragon there to rot. But suddenly, the dragon opened his eyes! He was only pretending to drown. The dragon had gills that he turned on in the water; he could turn them off in the air and on land. The dragon swam after the shark, sneaked up on it, and killed it! The dragon flew out of the water, victorious. He roared and breathed fire into the cloudy sky, as a sign of victory.