Friday, November 30, 2012


Hugo the tangerine cat
He hated the Santa hat
He came from Mexico
Ate a lot of burritos
And now he's anoyingly fat

What Is A Dragon?

Short tempered intelligence
Fiery destruction
A cold-blooded devil
An active volcano
A shadow in the night
A growing red stain on a white cloth

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ms. Arabella Tries to Get a Husband

There once was a lady named Ms. Arabella
A kindly young auntie with money to spare
Lonely and sad, she wanted a fella
(Her husband had died when he fell down the stair.)

With hair like the sunshine and eyes like the sea
It shouldn't be tricky to find a new man
But she had some trouble with singing in key
In fact, she quite sounded like banging of pans

In came a man who was rich and of fame
He was handsome all over, from head to his shoes
Henry McRoberts, he said, was his name
But when she started singing he blew up like a fuse

Poor Arabella! Will she ever wed?
Or will she live in a house all alone?
She married her butler in a dress colored red
And in California they made a new home

Friday, September 28, 2012

Birth of a Dragon

Ever wonder how a dragon is born? Well, luckily for you I made a biography about just that!

First the mother dragon lays an egg and deserts it to live on its own. The egg is very thick and you can't see the dragon inside of it. The dragon makes it's own body heat and it is curled up inside of the egg like a snake. After one day the egg has changed to look like a thick fog but you can only see the outline of the dragon. It remains still.

On the second day the dragon has woken up, is making low rumbling sounds, and you can see more of the dragon. The next day the dragon is angry for being in the egg so long. Not only is it making more rumbling sounds, but it is thumping around in the egg and also scraping the shell.

On the fourth day the dragon breaks the egg with its horns and uncurls from the egg. When the dragon hatches  from the egg it is very hungry. So the dragon's instincts lead it back to its family so the father dragon can feed the baby. If there are any other siblings in the family the baby might eat them while the father dragon is out hunting!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Dragon Ear Cuff's Story

My name is Amy and this is the story of me. I was a gold nugget that lived in California in 1849 under-ground in fresh soil. The soil smelled great and I didn't need anything else to make me happy.

One day a hairy farmer dug me up from the soil along with dead vegetable plants. His hair felt like dirty wool and his breath smelled like garlic. He put me in a car and drove me to a queer looking building that had a diamond on it. He gave me to another man with a bunch of tools and he gave the farmer money. After the farmer left the other man took some tools and crafted me into a golden dragon ear cuff.

A woman came in the store and gave the man some money and took off with me. Ever since then I have been around her ear. I am glad that I have been turned into an elegant dragon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mighty Warrior, Book 1 - The Beginning

The story of a small dragon who turned into a mighty warrior...

1. The Egg
Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a big lightening storm, the biggest one of all! Then a stroke of lightening hit right in the middle of dragon land.* There, an egg was made. A dragon egg. Meanwhile, a male and female dragon found the egg and adopted it. The dragons were both Nightmares so they expected the dragon to be a Nightmare, too. But they were wrong. The dragon hatched from its egg and it turned out to be the legendary Poisondart dragon. These were said to be the most powerful of all dragons. That night when they put him to bed he got into a position that no other dragon could get into. The parents saw this and named him Zoku. Zoku, in dragonese, means "Mighty Warrior."

*Dragon land was an island that nobody could map. All the dragons lived there.

2. Growing Up
The next day, Zoku was nine years old. The mother and father Nightmares said, "Today we're going to teach you..."

"How to fly?" said Zoku.

"Um, yes," the parents said. They took him to the top of a mountain. Then they said, "The first thing you need to do is..."

But Zoku was already flying without any instruction. Then when he landed he said, "Can we practice fire now?" When they got to the fire place, the father dragon said, "Let me guess. You already know how to breathe fire."

"Yes, sir!" answered a very excited Zoku. After those two words were said, robotic laser dragons sprung up and started firing. Zoku dodged the shots and burned them to smithereens. The two Nightmares just stood there, their jaws dropping to the ground.

3. How Poison Killed His Loved Ones
The next day, Zoku was a teen. His parents automatically took him to poison class without telling him. They didn't need to tell him because he already knew he was going there. He had live bait to poison. Rodents. There were merely one million of them and Zoku poisoned all of them from head to toe. Because the parents were so impressed, they showed Zoku the different species of dragons in person. That very night, Zoku killed both his father and mother with his tail poison while rolling over.

4. The War
The next day after Zoku found out that his parents were dead, there was a war. The eastern tribe of dragon's king declared war on the island so he could rule. Zoku fought and was captured. He did all the servant's work. He was lashed, too, by the king himself. He got no food to eat there so he almost starved.

5. The Escape
That night the moon was a full moon that shone brightly. And somehow Zoku absorbed it through his skin. He absorbed so much light that the moon disappeared. Then the whole jail was filled with light as Zoku rose from his cell. He flew away and cursed the eastern dragons.

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