Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Dragon Ear Cuff's Story

My name is Amy and this is the story of me. I was a gold nugget that lived in California in 1849 under-ground in fresh soil. The soil smelled great and I didn't need anything else to make me happy.

One day a hairy farmer dug me up from the soil along with dead vegetable plants. His hair felt like dirty wool and his breath smelled like garlic. He put me in a car and drove me to a queer looking building that had a diamond on it. He gave me to another man with a bunch of tools and he gave the farmer money. After the farmer left the other man took some tools and crafted me into a golden dragon ear cuff.

A woman came in the store and gave the man some money and took off with me. Ever since then I have been around her ear. I am glad that I have been turned into an elegant dragon.

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