Friday, September 28, 2012

Birth of a Dragon

Ever wonder how a dragon is born? Well, luckily for you I made a biography about just that!

First the mother dragon lays an egg and deserts it to live on its own. The egg is very thick and you can't see the dragon inside of it. The dragon makes it's own body heat and it is curled up inside of the egg like a snake. After one day the egg has changed to look like a thick fog but you can only see the outline of the dragon. It remains still.

On the second day the dragon has woken up, is making low rumbling sounds, and you can see more of the dragon. The next day the dragon is angry for being in the egg so long. Not only is it making more rumbling sounds, but it is thumping around in the egg and also scraping the shell.

On the fourth day the dragon breaks the egg with its horns and uncurls from the egg. When the dragon hatches  from the egg it is very hungry. So the dragon's instincts lead it back to its family so the father dragon can feed the baby. If there are any other siblings in the family the baby might eat them while the father dragon is out hunting!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Dragon Ear Cuff's Story

My name is Amy and this is the story of me. I was a gold nugget that lived in California in 1849 under-ground in fresh soil. The soil smelled great and I didn't need anything else to make me happy.

One day a hairy farmer dug me up from the soil along with dead vegetable plants. His hair felt like dirty wool and his breath smelled like garlic. He put me in a car and drove me to a queer looking building that had a diamond on it. He gave me to another man with a bunch of tools and he gave the farmer money. After the farmer left the other man took some tools and crafted me into a golden dragon ear cuff.

A woman came in the store and gave the man some money and took off with me. Ever since then I have been around her ear. I am glad that I have been turned into an elegant dragon.