Friday, November 11, 2011

Zoranove (ZOR-u-NO-vay)

Believe it or not, this creature is a dragon. This is the story of Zoranove.

Once, Zoranove was a soldier in the Dragon Army. Then he found a cave, home to the "Three Creatures of Doom." He went inside. He saw something move.

It turned out that it was a lion. While battling the lion he lost a leg so what he did was chop off the lion's leg and put it on him. Then a Phoenix came out of the background and tried to attack him. He lost another leg in this battle. He took the Phoenix's claw and wings this time. Then out of nowhere a Nightmare attacked him, too. He lost his tail during the battle. He got the Nightmare's tail and he stuck it on his body.

He had a lion paw, the Phoenix wings and claw, and the Nightmare tail.

The parts of the animals' bodies had evil in them. The evil flowed into the Zoranove's heart and it turned him evil, too. He flew to the nearest volcano and dove into the lava. He only comes out once a year because he makes a lot of destruction. And here's the date: June 15th. The volcano was named Mt. Zoranova. If you live near Mt. Zoranova you should protect you and your ramily from destruction on June 15th. You can recognize him with his lion paw, Phoenix claw and wings, and his Nighmare tail.

Be careful.

The End

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