Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hey, everybody! I haven't posted in forever, and I'm sorry about that. : (
But from now on, I'll be posting regularly and most of my posts (I hope.) won't be about school or anything embarrassing from when I was 8.
Let me see what's been going on... Oh, yeah, that's right:

Dad got a new job at a place called Penakem. And now he comes home at about 5:00 instead of at 6:30. Yaaaay!

Now for the biggest suprise of all....
BABY ELIJAH!!!!!!!!!
Our new baby brother was born on December 31st, New Year's Eve.
He is now eight months old and wearing eighteen month clothing!
It's so nice to have a baby in the house for two reasons:
1: For practice when I have my own baby.
2: So I can have someone warm and cuddly to love on!!

Okay, last thing to mention.
I recently had my 12th birthday and had a lot of fun that day.
I got to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Adriane at Grandma's house because my birthday was on Labor Day.

So that's all for now from Katie Hinton. Hope to post more soon!

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