Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Create a Moral Dilemma

Create and solve a moral dilemma. Day one will be a list of setting, characters, and a brief outline. Day two will be changing the outline into paragraphs. Final day will be edits.

One day, Randy's friend, Tom, came over to play. Tom and Randy played war in Randy's backyard. Tom saw Randy's cat, Joseph, enter the backyard, and Tom had an idea. He said, "Hey, let's get the cat and make him jump the fence. It'll be fun!" Randy knew that the only way to make Joseph jump the fence is to scare him. Randy didn't want to scare the cat. But he didn't want to upset Tom, either. Randy finally said, "I don't want to scare Joseph. It really hurts his feelings." Tom said, "Oh, OK. Let's find something else to do. I actually didn't want to scare Joseph either. I just wanted to play something besides war." So Randy and Tom played a different game and left the cat alone.

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